¡Qué monoblos!

Monster Hunter can be the cruelest of games. My frustration comes not from difficulty but from a part of the game that is further than one’s control can reach: the punishing random numbers that everybody loves to hate.
I can live with the whims of the Desire SensorTM but my quest to get the crown for the small-sized monoblos is starting to enter the ridiculous zone. I’ve become the Ahab of Minegarde vainly chasing a creature that wants me to believe it doesn’t exist.

My Guild Card shows 121 monoblos and no small crown

After hunting more than one hundred monoblos (the last fifty ones simply trying get the crown) I’ve started to do a series of pellet abuse runs.

Five monoblos hunts in a row grant no small crown

All those to no avail. Even Felyne Fear Factor hasn’t helped one bit.
Imagine my frustration when a workmate I introduced to Monster Hunter sends me his Guild Card and I see that he already has the so much sought after crown by hunting just two of them.

My workmate's Guild Card shows the small crown

To add insult to injury he tells me that he got the crown on the first one. Oh monoblos, how I hate thee!

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